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Glamour accessories offering "a thousand opportunities"

Every woman, in the depths of our being, has a distinctive and peculiar element, which characterises and differentiates than all over ones: sometimes it is a character side, in other times it is a physical detail. When we speak about GABS Franco Gabbrielli it's very simple understanding the soul, or what makes every bag of the collection really unique and inimitable. Their transformability is, in fact, the undisputed trademark of each of Franco Gabbrielli GABS's bags. Many, coloured and all different, to satisfy and make happy also more insatiable women, so much that we can define "the bags offering a thousand opportunities". Today we speak about Sofia Bags, which, with a simple click on turquoise clip. can be changed and reversed from soft flat shoulder below bag into practical bringing all bucket-bags.Sofia Bags are equipped with leather carrying strap, replaceable by adjustable strap made by double-colour fabric. Beside this one, buying one of the Franco Gabbrielli's GABS Sofia bags, you'll have a funny nylon shopping bag and amazing notepad. Ideal for going to the office and ticking every day life, Sofia Bags are perfect also so live your free time. If, however, you have to partecipate to a special appointment or to a glamour night, don't worry: Sofia bags will accompany you also in these particular contexts, uncovering all your versatility and changing into trusted and precious ally. Inside the turquoise cotton linen lining, distinctive sign and continuity element of Franco Gabbrielli's GABS line, is equipped with much practical cell phone pocket, an organizer pocket and with a zipped pocket, to preserve your more precious goods. Like all Franco Gabbrielli's GABS bags, also Sofia bags can be choosen in different colours and tonalities: for examples the turquoise, the yellow, the orange and the amethyst colour. One of elements which distinguish Sofia bags are the leather with wich they are realized: soft to touch, enveloping and pregiated for an accessory of indoubt quality and long life. From lucid leather with printed ray fish to veal print, Sofia bags are strictly hand made and obteined from excellent raw materials, capable to assure an high quality level of comfort and eclecticism.Another strong reference of Sofia gabs is, sure, the great variety of clothes with you can combine and associate these one, which makes it adapted to all ages and... female characters. If you are a demanding woman and you deside wishing to have always the best of accessories you chose, buy Sofia Bags of Franco Gabbrielli GABS' collection and you'll have always the safety you can surprise those around you in every occasion, without changing the product. The secret is to take advantage of all elegant and funny facets which these bags take changing and turning their shape, preserving always inalterated their irony and style and becoming thus unique objects, impossibile to replicate.For women... always protagonists of their life!!!!

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Sara T. he bought gabs bag g3 large shiny calf leather green    29/04/2016

"Servizio puntuale e veloce.L'articolo..."

Candida P. he bought gabs bag g3 studio 203 mosaico media    28/04/2016

"borsa acquistata molto bella. Ottimo il..."

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"sono pienamente soddisfatta del mio acquisto"

Daniela S. he bought gabs bag g3 l beatles 06    28/04/2016

"Tutto come previsto, ottimo."

Angela D. he bought beauty gabs gpacket studio print mosaico    28/04/2016

"ottima azienda"

Monika V. he bought beauty gabs gfolder studio print targhe    28/04/2016

"super quick service, lovely little bag"

Brunella C. he bought gabs shoulder bag gabsille s fabric carpa    27/04/2016

"tutto ok"

Alessia T. he bought gabs bag g3 studio 191 skulls large    21/04/2016

"Ottimo servizio"

Grazia P. he bought gabs bag kirsten medium leather grapefruit    21/04/2016

"un' po di sconto per gli acquisti on..."

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