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The Web and globalization have changed the world, not only on a social level but also at the level of consumption in particular in the fashion world. Christian Brando Tagliabue experienced marketing and communications writes in his book - The fashion market and new jobs, "the same technologies evolve, more and more pregnant: some modern scholars (eg Kurzweil) have come to argue that technological progress increases 'according to geometric progression': for example, in the period of four calendar years takes a technological evolution equal to sixteen years (two raised to the fourth power.) This does not mean that every profession of the future must necessarily be 'digital', but can safely say that daily life and therefore work, it will be more and more digital and therefore also the professions will necessarily have to adapt to this trend. "The vision of Kurkzeil before Tagliabue and then appears to have been confirmed by the emergence of new professions such as: Web Manager which in fact is the natural evolution of the store manager that not only deals with the achievement of goals, but organizes and manages in collaboration with the marketing department events and offers designed to retain customers of e-commerce. Another new resource in high demand is that of Visual merchandiser, the professional who builds all the way around the set ideal product for customers in the food purchasing emotional. The list continues with the lighting designer, whose task is to "convey the most of the essence of the brand through the enhancement of visual and olfactory cues." Next to these professionals within the company web and its evolution with social channels and blogs has given rise to further professional figure: The fashion bloggers. But who are the fashion blogger? are nothing more than girls who have a passion for fashion and the desire to show the world through your own blog Outfit, by doing so the girls get huge visibility among their peers and not only going so far as to influence and inspire purchases according to the their proposals. Within a short time this new profession has gained more and more weight in the fashion world to the point that even the major brands have had to cosider fashion bloggers by inviting them to events and parades and using their windows for launching new products . There are those who love them and who so harsh criticism such as fashion journalists to decide to make the wall so much so that at Fashion Week in Milan three years ago have come out against the fashion blogger. "You can not see these little girls in the front row with mobile phone in hand that send sms for bragging rights to be there. Do you understand? We go to fashion shows to work not to let the world know that we are there. "In short, the big brands will have to contend with the deans of fashion: "the majority of fashion bloggers are incompetent, do not even know the history of costume." The accusations starts from the expertise and the relationship that fashion bloggers have with the brand "advertising products that they receive as a gift, this distorts the authenticity of the information." We believe that we need a revolution in the way we communicate and do advertising in particular in the fashion world seen to be non-negligible volume of online sales. Figures such as fashion bloggers play and therefore will play an increasingly important role because they are a good tool to communicate in a simple and direct with the target in question. In short, what has changed is basically the middle: it was the first release and now is the Internet. As if to say that even in fashion and the evolution of his professions worth the physical law "Nothing is created, nothing is destroyed, everything is transformed."

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