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The autumn-winter 2014 fashion designed by Gabs

Gabs always knows how to impress their clients, continuing to imagine how they continue to fill color every area of ​​life. The result is a collection of fun, original and unique simply call Jackets! Models of jackets that will make even the sparkling winter, covering it with the liveliness that only Gabs knows ensure in every product. And as every member of the family Gabs can not miss the attribute that makes them so special and unique: the convertibility. You will always have with you two jackets in one: the inside, in fact, can become your jacket; the most original fantasies can be sported at any time simply risvoltandola. But if you want a more sober look, then you can keep the decorations inside, keeping the external monochrome. Gabs continues to impress with its collection for autumn-winter 2014, creating unique designs and truly inimitable; the jacket sunset is so romantic and beautiful colors to evoke the sky when the sun gives way to night, the clouds punctuate this scenario, giving you a piece of clothing enviable. Your soul will be emphasized by the cryptic and playful Jacket Crossword, which is decorated with the game of Word Puzzle; the color white predominates, illuminating your outfit and adding that touch of playfulness that never hurts, because life is too short to be taken seriously. But if you are mistresses of disguise, a Camouflage Jacket will make you "camouflage" at every opportunity. In different shades of green, this jacket is unique and sporty, suitable for any occasion, just like all of the collection Jacket Gabs. Last, but not least, the Bedge Jacket: studded with a thousand pins of different colors this Jacket is fun and dedicated to all those women who will always remain young, with a piece of clothing funny and witty. The collection of Gabs Jacket has arrived on Lollishop, with models that will surely win you over with their originality: the winter will no longer be characterized by the dull greyness of past years. Perfect for any occasion, they are ideal especially to protect you from the cold of the season thanks to the 100% nylon and padding in goose and duck feathers. Think of a different winter, think about a winter in style Gabs!

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