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The quality and the symbolism of the flamingo

Positivity, beauty, elegance, the flamingo is an animal that embodies these wonderful features, these qualities that make it one of the gifts that there are more birds. In the same family dell'Airone, Egypt was sacred to Ra, the solar god. No coincidence that even in 'Hinduism is the one who knows the world of light; is the initiator and one of the symbols in the light of the soul migrant from darkness to light. Its pink color, first of all recalls the vitality, the ability to give and receive love, to ward off the negative thoughts and open up to the next. It 'an animal that invites reflection, to analyze our relationships and the way in which we live; suggests that it is necessary to look within, to let go of inappropriate relationships to find out who can really "feed" our heart. The color of the feathers of the bird depends on the particular diet: as its feathers, if you do not nurture and listen to our hearts, we risk becoming "washed out", people apathetic and unhappy. The flamingos live in many armies and go hunting together, so that evoke altruism, the spirit of cooperation and mutual help. This teaches us that we can be ourselves even in the midst of others, without losing your individuality, what makes us special. They live in the water, an element that recalls the emotional sphere, which often needs to be balanced (down from their long legs scrutinize the deeper waters while remaining anchored to the bottom); feminine element water, also rules dreams and intuitions, so the flamingo connects us to higher states of consciousness and indicates a predisposition to clairvoyance or psychometry. He makes long migrations and fly mostly at night; we can invoke his wisdom before you make travel physically or mentally, so that he can guide us along the way. They have 12 black feathers for each wing that are essential for the flight. The 12 is one of the most sacred numbers, indicates the restoration of all original, the conclusion of a cycle (like the year). It also represents the initial trials to be overcome in order to move from a plane normal to the sacred. These tests will lead to a transformation and growth of the individual. No coincidence that in many cultures, initiation rites are performed at the age of 12 years. The Flamingo also refers to the phoenix, so it is useful to invoke this totem to overcome the traumas and failures of life. Like the mythical bird of the Sun, opens and closes the cycle and brings to light that which has no more reason to exist. Dream a flamingo indicates new experiences or situations and to symbolize their sense of community and the ability to cooperare.Se instead dreamed of being surrounded by flamingos means that you are too focused on volstro physical appearance. Positive messages Flamingo -love -rinascita -equilibrio bulbs for sense -altruismo -sogni / insights -sincerità -indipendenza -Evolution soul negative messages -vanità -dependence affective -HYPERSENSITIVITY An animal so significant that you can not miss even in your look, as in Gabs G3 Flamingos.

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